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DOCUMENTS FOR REGISTRATION: ✔ Original identification documents and valid ✔ Certification and vital card ✔ Proof of residence of less than 3 months ✔ RIB ✔ Proof of your qualification ✔ Certificate of employment ✔ Payroll ✔ Qualifications ✔ Permits and authorization if necessary to position
The assignment contract shall be in writing. It is sent to you by your job agency within two working days after the start of the mission Upon receipt thereof, you must return one signed copy to your employment agency as soon as possible. The contract must specify certain mandatory particulars: ✔ The reason for which the user enterprise using a temporary employee ✔ The expected duration of the mission, the trial period ✔ The qualification ✔ Job characteristics ✔ If the position on the list of hazardous jobs in the user undertaking ✔ If the position requires enhanced medical surveillance ✔ The nature of the personal protective equipment necessary ✔ The name and address of the supplementary pension fund and Welfare ✔ The place and time of work ✔ Compensation